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Maui August 2005
Awesome sunsets and happy memories

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Christmas 2005

We hope this finds you and your family well. 2005 has been a year of many blessings, Melissa going off to University, Dan being selected to lead a department, finishing our last bathroom remodel (after 10 months and lots of hard work by Dan), and a once in a lifetime boating trip for Dan down the Pacific coast.

In February, we went to Mammoth for a ski vacation with Dan's accountability group & families, we enjoyed the great snow and awesome runs. The kids still love to make snow men and have snow ball fights.

In May, Dan went with Gert Lindner and John Nixt to help bring Gert's 45 foot yacht from Portland, OR to Ventura, CA. They traveled over 1200 miles in 8 days plus 4 days being stuck in Coos Bay, OR. Dan made a quick trip to Springfield to visit the Taylors, so the stop-over worked out well. There were 27 foot seas and lots of scary moments, but the Lord watched over them and the boat held up better than the crew.

In August, we used our timeshare to stay in Kihei, Maui. We saw the sunrise over Haleakala crater, did the road to Hana and the 7 sacred pools (and drove the part you aren't supposed to around the entire island). We rented a speedboat and snorkeled Molokini crater. We enjoyed the sunsets and quiet walks on the beach at dawn. The highlight was to cruise with a large pod of dolphins and to swim with the sea turtles.

Melissa chose to go to UC Riverside to study Computer Engineering, like many of her cousins. It has proven to be challenging in the Honor's Program. She likes Pentland, a newer dorm and the camaraderie of the Honor's wing, and has even played a little tennis this fall. Jocelyn had a great year playing Varsity Tennis, she made it to the round of 16 in the Southern Cal Sectionals. Academically it was a great year as well. She went with her youth group missions trip to Mexico and saw first hand how blessed we are in the US.
Alaina is in 5th grade, and is busy with piano and tennis (she has a legacy to fulfill, with two older Varsity tennis player siblings). She and Dad try to play every week, and she likes her tennis coach. Alaina went to 3 weddings: Chicago w/ Dad (Joe Liu), Canada w/ Mom (Justin Chow), and Bay Area w/ Family (Victor Wong), a year for weddings!

Agnes is busy with Food Finders, teaching 6 year olds in Sunday School and taking care of our new Maltipoo puppy. We finally got a little puppy to add to our family, her name is Honey and she is really cute. It has fulfilled one of Alaina's dreams.

Dan has been back to Hughes/Raytheon for three years and is now a department manager of the Lasers Department. It has been a great experience getting to use his people skills in a technology he loves. After three years back at Raytheon and three promotions, we see that God is so Good.

We hope you have a great Christmas and may God bless you this upcoming year.

The Lius
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Joe and Kerri get married in April in Chicago. Dan & Alaina get to join Patty, Luke and Gloria for the Wedding.


Donald, Rosie, Agnes, Sue, Julie, Florence, Kathy, Alfred at Victor and Alice's Wedding.

Honey our little Maltipoo

The Prius with solo carpool stickers, saves Dan about 1 hour a day commuting!